Rewards of Tyre

Hiram, King of the realm of Tyre is credited for having sent building materials and men for the original construction of the Temple.

The Rewards of Tyre Program is an automatic monthly donation program that will make it possible to meet all of our goals.


Project 44

‘New’ shared planter bed on Rt. 44


Leaks need more work.

Stair Lift

Donated by the Odd Fellows. THANKS!


Inefficant old lights are costing a lot to run.


Our aprons need repair.

Lodge Improvements

We’ve Been Growing and Repairing

Our Mission is To…

– become positive in membership and cash flow.

– repair our lodge and make more improvements.

– create a better overall experience for our Brothers.

– be able to help more people in our community.

Bronze : $10.00 USD - monthly Silver : $25.00 USD - monthly Gold : $50.00 USD - monthly Platinum : $100.00 USD - monthly

Automatic Monthly Donations

Please choose a package that is within the length of your cable-tow.

This money will go into our general fund of Temple Corp that can be used to tackle all these issues and create a better masonic experience for all the Brother of King David Lodge.

If it falls out of your budget at any point, you can simply Unsubscribe below.